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 July 2014 Newsletter

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 Our Logo, The basic Greek sign is psi, which stands for the mind.
The snakes stand for regeneration or the miracle of healing. The two snakes,
red and white represent alternative medicine and scientific medicine balancing each other on the stanza of the brain or EEG line.

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            Hello, I am  Dr. Pack.           

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  My goal is to provide you with education and information about health problems and how to treat them naturally.
  I cannot be your doctor and would not pretend to treat you.  No one should prescribe for you without testing
 and examining you.  Take responsibility for your own health and treatment.  It’s empowering!

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"Unless the patient becomes more engaged in his own cure there's not to much the Dr. can do" Norman Cousins  .... . 50% of people don't understand what their doctors have told them ..... 50 % of what a doctor knows about a medicine comes from a pharmaceutical representative and half of what the pharmaceutical rep says IS WRONG.
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